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At the Hudson Valley law firm of Catania, Mahon & Rider, PLLC, our Newburgh attorneys counsel and represent individuals and families in all aspects of estate planning, business and wealth succession planning, asset protection planning , special needs planning and elder law.

Who Should Have an Estate Plan?

The answer to this question is simple: Everyone should have at least some form of an estate plan. Each plan, however, must be personalized to each family's unique situation, their needs and their goals. For example, you should speak to an estate planning attorney if:

  • You have minor children who will need guardians
  • You need to plan for the care of a disabled family member
  • You have a family owned business
  • You want to leave money to a favorite charity
  • You have property or financial assets you want to pass to heirs
  • You want to protect property from creditors
  • You want to save on estate administration costs or reduce estate taxes
  • You anticipate that there will be disputes among family members after your death

These are just few of the many reasons why you could benefit from speaking with an estate planning attorney.

Our Estate Planning Services

Our wills and trusts lawyers help clients plan for the future. We know that there is no single solution that works for every client; estate plans need to be thoughtfully tailored to fit each client's circumstances and goals. Consequently, we may do any or all of the following:

  • Draft a will
  • Establish a trust, including living trusts
  • Set up a college fund
  • Review retirement resources
  • Prepare medical and durable powers of attorney
  • Prepare health care directives
  • Evaluate long-term nursing home care and Medicaid planning options for elderly and disabled clients
  • Establish a guardianship or choose a guardian
  • Advise and represent executors or beneficiaries during the probate process
  • Provide sophisticated estate and gift tax planning advice to high net worth individuals and business owners in the Hudson Valley

At Catania, Mahon & Rider, PLLC, we recognize that many of our clients have goals which go beyond the number crunching of preserving assets and minimizing taxes. For many of our clients, their goals extend to the personal and emotional priorities of caring for spouses, children, and loved ones. In today's modern and often blended family, these priorities can be complex and conflicting. We are well-versed in advising our clients as to how best balance the often competing needs of different family members.

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