Firm Wins Settlement For A Pit - Bull Attack On A Child

Joseph Catania, Senior Partner, successfully concluded a young child's claim for damages for horrific personal injuries sustained when he was the victim of an unprovoked pit-bull attack. The firm was able to secure the full insurance policy limits for the child. Additionally, the firm set up a trust for the benefit of the child, where substantial proceeds of fund raising efforts on the part of his family were placed enabling those funds to be free of any governmental liens and other creditors and to be used solely for the benefit of the young man, his education, future medical care and surgeries and so forth.

The settlement proceeds were structured in annuities which will payout $800,000. This result was able to be achieved despite the fact that this animal had never previously displayed any tendency for aggression, and recent New York case law eliminating any argument that pit-bulls, as a breed, don't have a propensity to attack without provocation.