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In the wake of the financial meltdown of 2009, thousands of properties in our area are underwater. Homeowners and business owners alike face the problem of fending off mortgage lenders who want to foreclose on this potent symbol of success and belonging.

Serving Defendants And Plaintiffs In Residential And Commercial Foreclosures

Catania, Mahon & Rider, PLLC, has years of experience defending business owners and homeowners in foreclosure litigation. Because our background in foreclosure defense is extensive, we accept cases from both plaintiffs and defendants.

On the defendant side, these are some of the approaches we take to averting foreclosure:

  • Defective mortgages: We file claims against parties in the mortgage process that stacked the deck against you.
  • Mortgage restructuring/loan modification: It is often possible to restructure your loan and avoid foreclosure.
  • Short sale negotiation: If the lender assents, you may sell the property to a third party for less than the remaining balance on the loan.
  • Consent foreclosure: This, along with deed in lieu of foreclosure, is a legal way to walk away from ownership.
  • The HAMP program: Also known as the Obama Program, this program has helped some homeowners to modify their mortgage agreements.
  • Strategic foreclosure: Also called strategic defaulting, this intentional surrender of the property is sometimes preferable to years of undervaluation and debt.
  • Commercial foreclosure defense: There are numerous options available for defending against a foreclosure, including loan modification and foreclosure defense litigation.

Mortgage Foreclosure • Commercial Real Estate Foreclosure • Home Foreclosure

If you have received notice of foreclosure, it is important to act quickly. The usual trigger for foreclosure proceedings is when the owner misses three to five payments. Call us at 845-565-1100 as soon as you are notified of your lender's intent to foreclose. We will help you explore the options available to you. When necessary, our trial lawyers are ready and able to litigate in court.

Protecting The Rights Of Mortgage Lenders

On the plaintiff's side, our attorneys acknowledge the rights of lenders to uphold lawful contracts and to hold borrowers responsible for complying with the terms of the mortgage, promissory note and other various loan documents.

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If you are involved in a foreclosure action, choose lawyers who know the law from both sides and will put all their knowledge at your disposal. Call Catania, Mahon & Rider, PLLC, at 845-565-1100 or write to us using this online form.