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The aftermath of a truck accident can be devastating for the victims and their families. At the Hudson Valley law firm of Catania, Mahon & Rider, PLLC, our attorneys will handle the legal and financial issues you are facing, so you can concentrate on your health and your family.

Truck Accident Investigations

Truck accidents require a thorough investigation of issues such as driver logbooks, driver history, truck maintenance records and truck GPS records. This evidence, which may be lost if prompt steps aren't taken to collect and preserve it, could show violations of Department of Transportation safety regulations and other critical information to establish liability of the truck driver.

Large tractor-trailers are required by federal law to follow a number of safety regulations that are intended to reduce truck accident injuries and fatalities. For example, trucking companies must hire qualified drivers and conduct periodic drug tests. Drivers are required to take periodic rest breaks to avoid driver fatigue and to maintain logbooks to show that they complied with hours-of-service laws.

Since the load a semi truck is carrying can affect its ability to stop and maneuver, both state and federal laws govern both weight limits and how cargo is secured on trailers. When trucking companies violate these laws, they put innocent drivers at risk. The trucking companies may also incur significant liability when those violations lead to an accident.

Our lawyers represent injured people and families who lose loved ones in fatal truck accidents. With a main office in Newburgh, we represent truck accident victims throughout the Hudson Valley.

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