Hudson Valley Law Firm

As one of the largest general practice law firms in the Hudson Valley, Catania, Mahon & Rider, PLLC, offers personalized legal services backed by the resources and proficiency of a large firm. We seek the highest level of client satisfaction while fulfilling the legal, business and personal goals of our clients.

Our Attorneys

Our lawyers exhibit a wide diversity of interests, training and experience. Combined, they are a formidable legal team, able to execute the most complex business transaction or draft the most straightforward will or estate plan. Many of them sit on the boards of local organizations and volunteer time for charitable and non-profit agencies. Our attorneys are well known in the region and enjoy strong relationships within the business and legal communities in the Hudson Valley region and beyond.

Our Clients

Our clients include businesses large and small, individuals and families, and governmental and public agencies. Former and current clients include the City of Newburgh, major transportation companies, physicians, insurance companies, parents, families, school boards, regional authorities, to name but a few.

Our Legal Services

We take pride in our comprehensive legal services. We handle almost any legal matter involving a business, an individual or a public organization, including personal injury, business law, construction law, real estate, municipal law and criminal defense.

Many of our clients retain us for one type of legal matter and return for another. For example, a small business owner for whom we drafted a construction contract might come back to us for an estate planning issue. For many of our clients, we are their lawyers for life.

Our Philosophy

Our law firm is committed to providing legal services characterized by:

  • Courtesy and consideration
  • Adherence to the highest standards of the legal profession
  • Independent judgment and loyalty
  • A transparent fee structure
  • Responsiveness
  • Teamwork
  • Respectful pursuit of your legal objectives
  • Privacy and confidentiality

To learn more about our law firm, contact our Newburgh, New York, attorneys at 888-719-4746 to schedule an appointment. We represent clients throughout the Hudson Valley.