Newburgh Felony DUI Attorneys

If you are convicted of a felony offense, it will remain on your record forever. A felony conviction can drastically affect your ability to get a job, obtain licenses for certain professions, loss of civil rights and much more. Knowing that you have an experienced attorney standing by your side can make a world of a difference.

At Catania, Mahon & Rider, PLLC, we will do whatever is necessary to protect your freedoms and avoid a felony conviction on your record. From our offices in Newburgh and Fishkill, our firm represents clients throughout the Hudson Valley area. Our lawyers have the courtroom experience and negotiation skills necessary to reach a favorable outcome in your criminal case. We are known for taking a highly aggressive approach to representing our clients and never back down to a challenge.

Defense Against Felony DUI/DWI Charges

Recent changes in New York law now make it easier for a first-time offender to be facing felony DUI charges (not just repeat offenders). Ensuring that you have experienced legal counsel representing your interests is of the utmost importance.

Our attorneys will immediately begin to work on building a strong defense. We will scrutinize the evidence of the situation and examine all steps that the police took leading up to the charge. We know how to identify potential loopholes in procedures and how to effectively present evidence in criminal defense matters.

Our firm has been successful in representing individuals in hit-and-run accidents, drunk driving cases, vehicular homicide cases and more. Our in-depth knowledge of the law and proven track record in the courtroom will come as an advantage to your situation.

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