Orange County NY Insurance Dispute Lawyers

Not all lawsuits are just or lead to satisfactory resolution. Many times policyholders feel that an insurance company or self-insured organization is denying them proper coverage. Just as often, the insurance carrier or self-insured entity feels that a claim is unjustified.

This is the realm of insurance coverage disputes, a complex area of law that requires skilled representation on both sides. When you find yourself on either end of an insurance coverage dispute, the firm to call is Catania, Mahon & Rider, PLLC, of Newburgh, New York.

Satisfactorily Resolving Every Kind of Insurance Coverage Dispute

Most coverage dispute cases involve us defending area organizations such as school districts or municipalities against injury claims from slip-and-falls and other tortious events. We are also retained by insurance carriers to defend their clients against frivolous or overstated claims. We have represented carriers of every kind of insurance policy, including general liability, property, fiduciary, homeowner, auto, builder's risk, and other forms.

Many disputes are about the carrier's responsibility to indemnify the insured for potential liability under a claim. Others involve first-party claims for casualty losses or subrogation claims and disputes between carriers.

When coverage disputes cannot be resolved, they often morph into bad faith claims. We have successfully represented both sides in bad faith cases.

Insurance coverage dispute? Call the Newburgh insurance dispute attorneys at Catania, Mahon & Rider, PLLC, at 845-565-1100 or write to our lawyers using this online form.