Employer Notification Obligations to Terminated Employees

Farro v Schochet

EEOC Revises Covid-19 Technical Guidance: Federal Law Allows Employers to Mandate Vaccinations for their Employees

June 1, 2021 Slated as First Day for Landlords and Tenants to Apply for Emergency Rental Assistance Program

New York City Moves to End Qualified Immunity for Police Officers

New York State Extends Eviction & Foreclosure Moratorium until August 31, 2021

Delicious Rental Relief for Landlords and Tenants Appears Imminent

Benefit Corporations: Balancing Social Responsibility with Shareholder Obligations

Albany Considering Extending the Eviction and Foreclosure Moratoria

Cannabis Microbusinesses Potentially a Boon for the Hudson Valley

Marijuana Banking Law Advances in Congress

New York Passes Law Legalizing Marijuana

Letters of Intent - Practice Tips

Inequities in the Administration Process

Does the New York Public Authorities Law Apply to Municipal Housing Authorities?

Tax Returns are Becoming the Go-To Source of Evidence for New York Courts Hearing Business Ownership Disputes

New York State Extends Prohibition on Residential Evictions & Foreclosures; Provides Relief for Certain “Small” Landlords

The Proper Search of Your Vehicle

Six Degrees of Legal Updates for Landlords 

New Administrative Order Lifts Eviction Moratorium 

Which LLC?

To Test or Not to Test (Your Employee's Temperatures)? That is the Question.

Appointing the Right Fiduciaries for your Estate Plan

New York Sick Leave Law

Construction Corner - August 2020 : Contract Language Can Limit Contractor's Right to Allege Cardinal Changes 

Right to Counsel Before Submitting to a Chemical Test

New York State Legislature Opens The Door To The Disclosure Of Law Enforcement Disciplinary Records Through Foil

Business Succession Planning in the COVID-19 Era

CMR Attorneys Joseph Catania and Chelsea Four-Rosenbaum Obtain Dismissal in Westchester County Premises Liability Action

NYS Bill 8236A

Construction Corner May 2019 - Legal News and Updates for the Design and Construction Industry

COVID-19 Preparedness and Your Estate Plan

Construction Corner - Legislation Update - August 2019 - Legal News and Updates for the Design and Construction Industry

Construction Corner April 2019 - Legal News and Updates for the Design and Construction Industry

Construction Corner November 2018 - Legal News and Updates for the Design and Construction Industry

Construction Corner September 2018 - Legal News and Updates for the Design and Construction Industry

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When Arbitral Awards Go Against Regulatory or Statutory Law

New York’s Paid Family Medical Leave – A New Era

Can Interns Be Paid in Experience, or Only In Dollars?

AAA Arbitration Clause

The New Year: A Time to Update your Estate Plan

Employers: Be Knowledgeable About New Employee Protections

Watch The Gap

Non-Competition Agreements and Other Restrictive Covenants

Can an Employee Be Forced to Submit to a Medical Examination?

A new way to target drunk and drugged driving among truckers

Are “Binders” Enforceable?

Trademark 101 For Business Owners

Social Media’s Emerging Role in Personal Injury Litigation

Bonuses vs. Earned Pay under an Employment Agreement: Key Considerations for Employers

Timing for Mechanic’s Liens on Condominium Subdivisions in New York

Promising Pilot Study Results For Veterans With PTSD

Regulation of the Business of Medicine

Key provisions in AIA’s Standard Form of Agreement between Owner and Architect

Facebook Legacy Contacts and Digital Assets

To Overreach? That is the Question

Current legal BAC limit leaves New Yorkers exposed to dangerous drivers

Construction law Update: Recent Appellate Division decision serves as a warning to contractors, the Contract trumps all

Research finds texting bans save lives, particularly teens: Impact in NY

New York congresswoman fighting against drunk driving across US

Highway guardrails pose injury risk, says whistleblower

Highlights of Non-Profit Revitalization Act of 2013

Major Changes Proposed to New York's Estate Tax Law

Personal Liability and Franchise Tax

New Trio Of Labor Law Decisions Tends To Limit Claims

Staffing your Business—correct classification as contractor or employee is more important than ever

Estate Planning 101: Last Will & Testament vs. Revocable Trust

Practical Advice - Distracted Driving

Distractions can be deadly behind the wheel

Pigs Get Fed and Hogs Get Slaughtered: Willful Exaggeration Under New York’s Lien Law

Homeowners Fail in Attempt to Hold Development's Architect Liable

What't A Doctor To Do?

Social Media and the Law

Death of referee illustrates dangers of head injuries

Incorporation By Reference

Newsletter Issue 19

Understanding Payment Bonds

Ladder Falls: The Source of Too Many Construction Accidents and Deaths

Joseph Catania - Sustaining Italian Cuisine Article

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Health Law Update (Summer 2006)

Health Care Client Alert: Risk Management and the Office Based Practice

Health Care Client Alert: Almost 1 Medical Malpractice Claim Filed for Every Physician, Reports AMA

Common Estate Planning Errors

Protect Your Melon: Abiding by New York’s Motorcycle Helmet Guidelines

Homeowner Liability When Children Get Hurt

Blowing the Horn at Reckless and Annoying Driving Behaviors

Appellate Division Rules that Town Boards May Adopt Local Legislation Controlling Discipline of it Police Officers

Five Mistakes to Avoid If You Are In a Motor Vehicle Accident (2003)

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